I'm Dr. Allison Heffron

Chiropractor - Licensed Acupunturist

About Me

Dr. Allison Heffron is a licensed acupuncturist and third generation chiropractor breaking out of the mold of “old school” and including more than just spinal adjustments. She attained her doctorate and diplomate at New York Chiropractic College in 2014 and the Fingerlakes School of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in 2015.

After graduating, Dr. Allison became a nationally ranked Olympic Weightlifter and with her deep understanding of functional anatomy combined with the sport she went on to treat a variety of athletes many of whom are competitive in weightlifting, powerlifting, crossfit, wrestling, rugby, marathons, and BJJ.

Dr. Allison has continued her education with learning different types of soft-tissue manipulation techniques, various active rehabilitation skills such as Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization and Functional Range Conditioning, a multitude of tools for spinal manipulation and adjustments, as well as learning effective ways to treat musculoskeletal disorders through acupuncture.

The goals that Dr. Allison would like to achieve are those of her patients’. Her intention is to not only get you out of pain, but to increase your knowledge of better movement in order to mitigate your own injuries and have more control over your body.

About Adjust Your Performance

Adjust Your Performance was born out of Dr. Allison’s passion for keeping up with a life in motion. Respecting the requirements of our body on a day-to-day basis is necessary in order to maintain optimal health; and those requirements often involve a specialist to evaluate, diagnose, and treat physical shortcomings that hold us back from moving and feeling our best. Originally, Adjust Your Performance was located in a small barbell club in Hoboken, NJ. This opened up the opportunity to educate, treat, and learn from many competitive and recreational athletes from many different disciplines. The desire grew to expand into other communities- those that enjoy being weekend warriors, the hard-working desk jockeys that need to move more, or anyone who has a desire to get better and respects their body enough to put in the effort that it gives us day-in and day-out. At Adjust Your Performance, located in GameChanger Fitness Springfield, NJ we want our patients to strengthen and gain control over their own bodies to successfully age and bounce back from acute or chronic pain. A healthy community is a happy community. This is our “why”- what’s yours?

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