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Acupuncture for Elbow Pain in Springfield, NJ

You play golf and your elbow acts up.  You play tennis and your elbow acts up. You may even be doing push-ups and, oddly, your elbow acts up.  Why? You may think to yourself, “What am I doing with my elbow? I don’t remember ever hurting it before.” You’re probably…

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Acupuncture for Sports Injuries in Springfield, NJ

If you participate in sports or perform any strenuous physical activity, you may have experienced a sports injury at some point in your life. If you play in a league, you probably do not have an athletic trainer or medical team on standby like the pros do. Not everyone has…

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Sports Rehabilitation Near Springfield, NJ

We have all been told what is and what is not the correct way to exercise, eat, talk, work, or just in general, how to live. With so much information out there, we are overloaded with opinions, views, and so many arguments that contradict what someone else said was right…

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